The Second Season 2022 Masters Pool Challenge

  • Hand pick your roster. No draft, and no separation of players based on tier level.

  • Set up private leagues to play with your friends, or public leagues.

  • As with all our games on The Second Season, the 2022 Masters Pool Challenge is FREE to play!

How to Play

Welcome to the The Second Season 2022 Masters Pool Challenge where you can experience the excitement of fantasy golf! As a team owner, you will pick a team of players who you think will collect the most combined money earnings in the tournament.

Prior to the first round, you will choose a roster of eight (8) players. There is no draft, and no separation of players based on tier level. Each owner will be able to hand pick their roster with whoever they want. You will not be able to change your lineup once the tournament begins, and your lineup is locked for the remainder of the 2022 Masters Pool Challenge.


Although there are four rounds in each tournament, we only keep score throughout the first two rounds, since the cut list comes into effect after day 2. When the tournament is complete, we tally the total team prize money and rank teams based off the highest total for the 2022 Masters .

Player Withdrawls

If a player you've selected withdraws from the tournament in the 1st or 2nd round, his score will be posted as the worst score that day. Doesn't matter if he was 20 under on the 17th hole. If he withdraws in round 1 or 2, his score will match the worst score that day.

Roster Requirements

Select 8 total golfers from the available player pool. If your roster is not submitted once the lineup setting deadline passes, you are ineligible to play.


Ties will be broken by comparing tiebreaker answers each owner will provide with final roster submission. In the event that there is still a tie after all tiebreaker answers are examined, the winner will be decided by your league commissioner in a manner he or she chooses.

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