2024 College Hockey Tourney Bracket Challenge

Public and Private Leagues

Filling out your bracket

There are four (4) playoff rounds total during the College Hockey Tournament Bracket Challenge. Prior to the first round of the tournament, you will fill out your brackets in its entirety. You will not be able to change your picks once the tournament begins. Once the tournament starts your bracket locks for the remainder of the College Hockey Bracket Challenge. The Administrator will update point totals at the end of each tournament game.

Bracket Requirements

If your bracket(s) is not submitted once the deadline passes, you are ineligible to play.


  • Up to 4 Entries: Free
  • 4 to Unlimited Entries: $20 per league (Ad Free!)


Point Values

A team will accumulate points based on the round in which each correctly guessed team has won. The chart below lists the point values.

Statistic Points Earned
Round 1 Correct Picks 1 Point (x multiplier)
Round 2 Correct Picks 2 Points (x multiplier)
Round 3 Correct Pick 3 Points (x multiplier)
Round 4 Correct Pick 4 Points (x multiplier)


Multipler points are seed-based, rewarding lower ranked teams moving on in the tournament. For example, if the #4 seed team wins their first round matchup, they earn 1 point x 4 (their seed) to equal 4 points. If the #1 seed wins their first round matchup they earn 1 point x 1 (again, their seed) to equal 1 point. Same system holds true throughout the playoffs. If you pick a #4 seed to win the championship, it is worth 16 points (4 x 4).