The Second Season 2022 Fantasy Hockey Playoff Challenge

  • Hand pick your roster, if you want him on your team, you can have him on your team. No draft, no salary cap.

  • Two unique ways to play playoff fantasy hockey.

    • Option 1 - Stack 'em

      Stack your lineup with any number of players from any number of playoff teams. Think Boston is a shoe-in for the cup? Want Marchand, Bergeron and Pasta on your team? This is the option for you. But remember, putting all your eggs in a basket is high risk, high reward!

    • Option 2 - Spread 'em

      You can only pick one player per playoff team. This method makes it so you always have a shot at the title since everyone in your league will always have roughly the same number of active players. So think about who comes up big in the playoffs, and ride him to a league title!

  • Set up private leagues to play with your friends, or public leagues.

  • As with all our games, The Second Season is FREE to play!