How do I send invites after setting up my league?

Your league commissioner can invite users using the "Commish Tools" link on their league homepage.

Do you offer live scoring?

Since we're a small-time operation without the funds to pay for big-time live scoring services, we have to enter the stats by hand. Since we want to enjoy watching the tourney too, entering stats live wouldn't be much fun for us. We are able to plug them the morning after each game day, so check back then!

How do I remove a user team from my league?

Your league commissioner can remove teams using the "Commish Tools" link on their league homepage.


League Challenge Point Values

A team will accumulate points based on the statistics accumulated by the players on the team. The chart below lists the point values.

Statistic All Position Players Receive
Goals +5 points
Assists +3 points
Short-handed Goals (additional) +2 points
Power-play Goals (additional) +1 point

Confidence Pool Point Values

Each time a team wins a game, the pool participant will get the corresponding points (rank = points). So for example, if you pick the Hawks to win the most games (placed at #16 on the list), they will get 16 points for every win throughout the playoffs. The team you rank lowest (#1 on your list) will get 1 point for every win, and so on.


Ties will be broken by comparing tiebreaker answers each owner will provide with final roster submission. In the event that there is still a tie after all tiebreaker answers are examined, the winner will be decided by your league commissioner in a manner he or she chooses.